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Nick Stubbs

Dorset Wedding Photographer

I got the bug for photography when I held my dad's Olympus OM-1 for the first time back in 1980. I absorbed myself so much into the hobby that I took it as an option at school, later worked for a professional photographer at weekends and even built my own darkroom in the loft. I spent hours in there.

I have always experimented and remember at that time, taking the lens off my camera, turning it around and discovering that I now had a macro lens. I also took a telescope apart, made it more powerful and put it back together. Creativity runs in my veins and I bring it to every wedding I shoot. Always looking for "that" shot.


I couldn't be anything else. This is your big day and I'm always thinking ahead and at hand to help.


I am a stickler for time-keeping and triple check everything the day before arriving at your wedding. 


Meticulous planning means I am exactly where I need to be on the day, when I need to be there. 

I've been fortunate to shoot many weddings in the UK, Italy (Tuscany) and much of the southern coast of Spain. I've shot weddings in some amazing places such as Italian vineyards, monasteries, on board catamarans, in Spanish villas, 5* resorts and even a cave in Andalucia.

As a 20-something I got to spend an hour with Princess Ann whilst photographing her visiting a care home in Kent. I got that job from the father of the bride at my very first wedding and the rest is history. Please get in touch or fill out the form below, I'd love to hear about your big day.

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